Photo by Alisha Khan Photography

Photo by Alisha Khan Photography

Toby Wesenberg

Toby is a life-long painter and drawer, currently taking visual arts courses at the University of British Columbia. She is also involved in a number of other creative pursuits; she is a Certified Makeup Artist, who is particularly inspired by the freedom of creative photoshoots, she makes jewelry, and has recently designed her first clothing pieces - 5 painted gowns for an Opera Kelowna fashion show.

Toby also loves the inspiration that comes from collaborating with other creative people, and is open to collaborations and commissions of all kinds. With such a broad skill set, her talent and passion for working creatively comes across to everyone she works with.


UBC Visual Arts classes, Kelowna

Certified Makeup Artist, MC College, Kelowna - graduated top of her class

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science & French, University of Alberta, Edmonton

High School Diploma, Victoria School of the Arts, Edmonton